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Pregnancy and childbirth

Many questions arise during pregnancy and after childbirth: 

  • How do I take care of my own well-being during pregnancy? 
  • How do I support my partner during pregnancy? 
  • How can I be understanding and gentle about my own or my partner’s changing body and moods? 
  • What will happen during childbirth and what are the choices involved? 
  • How do the maternity and child health clinics work? 
  • Where can I find everyday life support for families with a baby?

Information on family coaching classes organised for new parents:

Family coaching in Helsinki

The section 'Pregnancy and childbirth' contains information on

  • the services available during pregnancy and about pregnancy itself, as well as childbirth
  • the services available once your baby has arrived.

You can learn more about each topic by reading the articles and watching the videos. The links of each page contain a wealth of additional information.

People use the services provided by the City of Helsinki, and they get support and information about various stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

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