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Good relationships

Time spent with the family and at home is important to many. Nevertheless, all family members have their own things going on, and there is not always time to be together.

  • How often do you have the time to stop and really listen to your child or partner? 
  • How do you talk to each other?
  • What kind of things do you do together during the day? 

Siblings are playing theatre with their parents as an audience.

Everyone can learn and develop their communication skills. Read more on the website of the Finnish Association for Mental Health (in Finnish).

Maintaining a good relationship does not require a miracle, but it does require being considerate and respecting others. If the family has more than one adult, the relationship between them will affect the family’s atmosphere.

It can sometimes be difficult to remain calm when dealing with a child.

It is beneficial to learn to recognise your own feelings and to explain them to the child: “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I should not have done that. It was because I am very tired.” Read more tips on the friendship skills page.

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