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Setting boundaries

A mother and a child talk about the family's common ground rules.

Boundaries provide a child with mental and physical safety. Clear and consistent boundaries protect the child from matters that he or she is unable to understand or process. Common ground rules make daily life easier for the parents. The boundaries should be in proportion to the child’s stage of development. This helps the child to understand what is expected of him or her at different ages. Consistency, calmness and discussion play a key role in setting boundaries.

Children may react strongly and loudly to boundaries set by the parents. Naturally, parents do not feel good about disappointing their child, but this is unavoidable at times. Feelings of inadequacy, tiredness and uncertainty are common in the daily life of families with children, and they are nothing to be scared about. If you feel like you are lost, there is plenty of help, support and instructions available.

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Alternative to punishment 


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