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Parenthood and raising children

Parenthood and raising a child can be wonderful, confusing, heart-warming, irritating and much more besides. Parenting can give rise to all different kinds of feelings. A family’s day-to-day life and its various situations bring challenges and joy.

A happy child is hugging their parents.

There are many models and instructions available to help with raising children, but, in the end, everyone will find the style that best suits their family, by themselves or with their partner. 

As a parent, you make choices in your family’s everyday situations:

  • How do you spend time together?
  • What kind of boundaries do you set?
  • How do you let your child influence what the family does together?
  • How do you eat as a family?
    • what do you eat, 
    • when, 
    • together or everyone at their own pace?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • What kind of an example of an adult do you give to your child?

You can find plenty of support and information about all parenting and child raising matters on the Family Support pages and through links provided.

For more videos on parenthood, visit Väestöliitto's playlist on YouTube.

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Kuuntele mua!, EHYT ry (in Finnish)

Your childhood family and your experience affect how you act as a parent. Some people may end up being like the adults of their childhood family, while others attempt to act differently. As a parent, it can be interesting to think about where your habits are coming from.

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