Suoraan sisältöön

Helping another family?

Many people enjoy helping others in their everyday life. There are a lot of families and children in the Helsinki region who need help. If your everyday life, either independently, with your partner, or with your family, is stable enough, a volunteer role could bring something new and meaningful into your life. 

For example, the City of Helsinki offers opportunities for volunteering activities, such as becoming a support person or support family (more information in Finnish). Foster family activities require commitment and are valuable work, with the aim of providing children or young people coming from challenging situations with a safe and stable growth environment. You can apply to become a foster family through the City of Helsinki or for example through the Deaconess Institute. The City of Helsinki (in Finnish) provides training for foster families in Finnish. Participants’ mother tongue is not important when it comes to taking part in the training, but a good knowledge of Finnish is necessary. For example, a Swedish-speaking family who have undergone the training can become a foster family for a Swedish-speaking child.

An illustration of  two families supporting each other.


07.03.2019 10:23