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Parenthood is an opportunity. Life changes in many ways. Many different kinds of babies are born into many different kinds of families. Finding out that there is a baby on the way can bring up many different feelings: joy, shock, anticipation, wonder, insecurity, fear, impatience and pain of letting go of your current life as well as a new kind of happiness. Am I responsible enough to be a good parent? Coping as a parent and the changing life situation make all first-time parents think.

Growing into parenthood

The new parents grow into their parenthood gradually, together with the baby. Parenthood is an opportunity and matters usually work out in the end. Becoming a parent is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn more about themselves and grow as a person. As a person becomes a parent, they often stop and think about the life they have led and the things that matter to them. Their own childhood and the parenting by their parents also become more important. They help to realise what kind of parenthood the person would like to implement.

An illustration of an expecting couple.

Support and time for parenthood

A parent can choose from many options. Everybody has some kind of experience of parenthood and there is plenty of professional information available on the subject. The feelings that parenthood brings with it are a topic for great discussions with a partner, other parents or the nurse at the maternity clinic. Just putting thoughts into words and pondering over matters with someone can help a lot. Most parents are thinking about similar issues.

The birth of a child changes one’s life in a concrete manner. There is not as much time for hobbies as previously, sleep may suffer and arguments about household chores may break out. On the other hand, there is someone, who you can love and cherish with all your heart. The baby learns something new and wondrous every day, which also gives joy and strength to the parent. A regular day-to-day life is all that is needed for caring for a baby, although it does require strength and time from the parents.


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