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Maternity and child health clinic’s frequently asked questions

This site contains questions most frequently asked at Helsinki’s maternity and child health clinics. The answers have been written and checked by nurses. Read through all the questions before opening the maternity and child health clinic’s chat or calling the centralised telephone service. However, in urgent matters, do not hesitate to contact your health station. If you do not need an answer straightaway, you can contact a nurse at your own maternity and child health clinic via e-services, for example.

COVID-19 vaccine is recommended during pregnancy. Corona vaccinations in Helsinki


Maternity and child health clinic's nurse answers questions from families expecting a child and parents of small children.

Questions during pregnancy

1. I am pregnant and having contractions. Should I worry? 

2. What should I do if the baby is not moving in the uterus as normal? 

3. I am in my first trimester and having light spotting and slight pinching in my lower abdomen. Is this normal? 

4. My groin and pelvic area are hurting during pregnancy. How can I ease the pain? 

5. I am pregnant and have mood swings. Is this normal? 

6. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? 

7. How hard can you train during pregnancy? 

8. I ate something not recommended during pregnancy. What now? 

9. I am pregnant and have a small child at home. Can I lift the child? 

10. Can I swim and have a sauna during pregnancy? 

11. Can I travel by plane during pregnancy? 

Questions about the child’s first year

1. My baby has not pooped in a long while. What should I do? 

2. A newborn baby’s navel is smelly and bleeding. Is it inflamed? 

3. Will the baby learn ‘bad’ habits if they sleep in the same bed with their parents? 

4. When can I start feeding my baby solid foods? 

5. At what age can a child be placed in a high chair or a pushchair? 

6. When can I stop breastfeeding my baby at night? 

7. When can I start taking my newborn outside? 

8. My baby has ‘pimples’. What are they? 

9. Is it alright for a child under twelve months of age to watch TV or a smartphone screen? 

10. How can I promote a baby’s speech development? 

11. How can I promote a baby’s motor development? 

12. The baby has dry skin on their head. What should I do about it? 

13. How do I protect my baby against the sun in the summer? 

14. What should I do if a baby has put something in their mouth and cannot breathe? How do I administer first aid? 

15. How do I stop breastfeeding? 

Questions about toddlers and pre-schoolers (1–6 years)

1. My child has trouble going to bed at night. How can I help them? 

2. Should a toddler have a daily nap? 

3. What to do with a child during negative age? 

4. A child cries when they must separate from the parents. Is there a way to make things easier? 

5. What is the suitable number of children’s programmes and games for a toddler per day? 

6. My child’s feet are pointing inwards/outwards, or they have flat feet or bowed legs. Should I worry? 

7. When a new baby is born into a family, will their sibling who is under three years of age need day care? 

8. My baby has water warts the colour of their skin. How do I treat these? 

9. How do I protect my child against the sun in the summer? 

10. How can I support my child’s speech development? 

11. How can I support my child’s motor development? 

12. My child is picky about their food. What should I do? 

13. What type of toys does a child need in order to develop? 

14. A child is hitting, biting or hurting their parents or other children. How do I intervene? 

15. What should I do if a child has put something in their mouth and cannot breathe? How do I administer first aid? 

16. How should I react to a child’s jealousy when we have another baby? 

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