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When a child falls ill

It is very common for young children to have colds, coughs and fevers in particular after their first year of life. Ear infections are also very common, and they, together with other illnesses, often cause worry among families with children below school age. As the child grows older and develops, his or her immunity becomes stronger and the amount of time spent sick usually decreases.
The most common illnesses can be treated with the help of home care instructions, but if you worry greatly, you can ask for advice from the telephone health service and health stations, for example. When you need an appointment with a doctor, these should be the primary places you contact.

Parents with an ill child are waiting to see a doctor at the health station.

Telephone health service number (24 h):

09 310 10023

Contact information for health stations

Upper airway obstruction in a child. A child can easily aspirate food, sweets or small toys. With the right type of first aid, you can save your child from choking. The Family Support and the Finnish Red Cross videos provide instructions on:

  • how to remove a blockage from a baby’s or a child’s respiratory tract. 

If a baby or a child is not breathing, you will need to administer CPR. The video will show you:

  • how to administer CPR on a baby or child.

First Aid for the choking child or baby


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