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A 5-year-old child is becoming independent in many ways. However, the child still requires protection and interest as well as time spent peacefully with parents and relatives. Friends are also important. The child forms an opinion of him or herself through interaction with other people. The carer’s task is to encourage and support. Attempts should also be praised. 


Bed-wetting usually stems from a hereditary delay in maturing and is out of the child or parent’s control. Bed-wetting is considered to need monitoring if the child is 5–6 years old. The age for starting treatment is assessed individually. Limiting the amount of fluids drank in the evening and making sure that the child goes to pee before going to bed may decrease bed-wetting. However, these practices do not really teach the child how to stop wetting the bed. Night-time bed-wetting may be treated with the help of a mattress with a bed-wetting alarm. Diapers may also be used. Day-time bed-wetting often clears up by itself. If necessary, contact your own child health clinic for more information on treating bed-wetting.




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