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Playgroup clubs

Children are listening to a fairytale at the playgroup club.

Playgroup club activities are intended for children in home care from age 2 to 4. The maximum number of children in a playgroup is 13, and the group is supervised by a playground or daycare centre employee.

Activities are organized for about 3 hours per day, usually from 9 to 12 noon, on 1-4 days in a week. Parents determine at the beginning of the club season the number of monthly club hours attended by their child.

The club season begins in the beginning of the school year but no later than 1 September and ends on 31 May. Clubs comply with school breaks and holidays. They operate for no more than 60 hours per month.

Playgroup clubs support children's growth and development. They organize planned and supervised play and other activities such as singing, manual activities and physical exercise. Children bring a snack.

Fees and support

Municipal playgroup club activities for children will be free of charge until 31 July 2017, and attendance does not affect the municipal home care allowance. Children are not allowed to participate in the play activities if their families receive private daycare allowance.


Applications for clubs beginning in the autumn should be submitted to the end of April. Otherwise, club applications can be submitted year-round.

List of playgrounds and daycare centre (in Finnish) with playgroup clubs.

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