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When a family member falls ill

When a parent or other family member falls ill, it may strongly affect the family’s everyday life. The illness may be psychological or physical, and its duration may vary. Mental health problems are treatable, just as physical ones are. The situation may occur suddenly, or the illness may be a serious one that requires long-term treatment. The family may require various support efforts in connection with or as a result of an illness.

You should never blame yourself for an illness or be ashamed of it. Everyone knows best when their own strength is not enough. Do not hesitate to seek help and support at any stage of the illness. The sooner you ask for help, the better. Everyone deserves support, regardless of whether they only need a little bit of help or more broad-based support.

A father and a child are standing by the bedside of the mother with serious illness.

In acute situations, you can contact the City of Helsinki’s crisis emergency service for advice at 09 3104 4222. The telephone service is available around the clock.
You can also receive assistance in arranging child care and other practical matters by contacting the home services for families with children.
Many organisations provide information on certain illnesses and how you can cope with them. They also provide peer support. See links.

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