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The playground swing is ready for playing.

Playgrounds provide both supervised and unsupervised activities for families and school children. Most playgrounds have a wading pool, a playfield and various playground equipment. Some playgrounds have playfields that are turned into ice rinks in winter. The equipment and opportunities for activities vary by the playground.

Playground facilities are also rented for external use, for example for family celebrations, organising activities and meetings in the evenings and at weekends.

In addition to playgrounds, Helsinki has over 200 play sites maintained by the Public Works Department, which do not provide guided activities.

You can find your nearest playground on the map on this page or on the webpage Playgrounds by area.

Playground meals

Helsinki playgrounds provide meals for children under the age of 16 during the school summer holidays. The meal distribution starts at 12 noon. Afternoon activities snacks are also served at the playgrounds. People with food allergies must always confirm the suitability of the food and the ingredients at the location.

Read more about the playground meals.

Playgrounds on the map


Facebook-pages of playgrounds

Playground Arabia

Playground Brahe

Playground Filpus

Playground Haruspuisto

Playground Herttoniemi

Playground Hilleri

Playground Intia

Playground Isonneva

Playground Jakomäki

Playground Jalopeura

Playground Kannelmäki

Playground Kaunokki

Playground Kesanto

Playground Kiikku

Playground Kiiltotähti

Playground Kimmo

Playground Kipinäpuisto

Playground Kotinummi

Playground Kurkimäki

Playground Kurranummi

Playground Lahnalahti

Playground Lehdokki

Playground Linja

Playground Linnunrata

Playground Lohikäärmepuisto

Playground Maunula

Playground Mellunmäki

Playground Munkki

Playground Mustakivi

Playground Myllynsiipi

Playground Nuoli

Playground Nurkka

Playground Piika

Playground Pohjois-Haaga

Playground Puuskakulma

Playground Roihuvuori

Playground Rudolf

Playground Ruoholahti

Playground Salpausselkä

Playground Sanna

Playground Santahamina

Playground Seppä

Playground Taivallahti

Playground Tapuli

Playground Traktori

Playground Trumpetti

Playground Tullinpuomi

Playground Tuorinniemi

Playground Ulvila

Playground Vallila

Playground Viiri

Playground Vähätupa

Family house Betania

Family house Kajuutta

Family house Naapuri

Family house Sahrami

Torpparinmäki Family house

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