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Activities with children

Children are enjoying the activities in a dance school.

Activities and hobbies

You can participate in a wide range of activities in Helsinki. The city and numerous organisations, for example, also offer a variety of opportunities for children below school age to be active, play, be crafty and enjoy culture. It would be beneficial for toddlers if a parent also participated in the activity. A meaningful shared activity or hobby brings joy to both the adult and the child.

A child below school age does not have to have a regular hobby; the most important thing is to spend time together. The options are numerous, and instructor-led activities usually also provide the opportunity to get to know other families. Below is a list of examples of activities intended for children below school age which the children may participate in together with a parent.

Exercise classes for children and young people take place after school premises or at sports facilities near schools. Most of these classes are free of charge. 

  • EasySport exercise is available for children aged 6 to 13 (in Finnish)

The city also has many child-friendly sites, where you can spend the whole day for an entrance fee. 


Sports clubs

Helsinki is home to a number of sports clubs which specialise in various sports. Some of them also organise activities for children below school age.

Alphabetical directory of sports clubs in Helsinki


International Cultural Center Caisa and its partners also organise language and culture courses courses for children below school age. The objective of language and culture courses is to maintain the child’s first language and strengthen his or her own cultural identity.

Children's Culture Centre also organises language immersion clubs for children below school age.


Museums organise activities for young children in connection with exhibitions and as separate workshops.

The National Museum of Finland organises themed guided tours for children between the ages of 4 and 10.

Helsinki City Museum welcomes children, particularly to Children's Town.

Kiasma holds special guided tours for children by arrangement. Read more about Children’s Kiasma.

Music playschools


Sirkus Magenta organises circus groups for babies, toddlers and their parents as well as a family circus for children between the ages of 3 and 9 and their parents..

Circus Helsinki holds lessons for children and adults of different ages.

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth holds Elf School, which gives children aged 4 and up the opportunity to learn circus skills.

Art schools

Annantalo also holds art cources for children below school age. Helsingin kuvataidekoulu holds preparatory classes, that children can begin at the age of 4 at the earliest. Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth provides children aged 4 to 6 with the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of architecture and the local environment in groups that include both parents and children.


Many organisations that provide dance instruction also offer lessons for children below school age, either with or without their parents.

Helsingin tanssiopisto

Tanssikoulu DCA

Dance Center Footlight


Tanssikoulu Anna Palaa!

Kumpulan Kylätila

Theatre and opera

Swimming and diving

Swimming and diving activities intended for babies and toddlers are provided by several organisations in Helsinki::

Vauvauinti Kultakalat

Urheiluhallit - baby swimming


Pikku Delfiinit

Folkhälsan - baby swimming

Kuutti diving groups for 3–6-year-olds

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