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Activities with children

Children are enjoying the activities in a dance school.

Activities and hobbies

You can participate in a wide range of activities in Helsinki. The city and numerous organisations, for example, also offer a variety of opportunities for children below school age to be active, play, be crafty and enjoy culture. It would be beneficial for toddlers if a parent also participated in the activity. A meaningful shared activity or hobby brings joy to both the adult and the child.

A child below school age does not have to have a regular hobby; the most important thing is to spend time together. The options are numerous, and instructor-led activities usually also provide the opportunity to get to know other families. Below is a list of examples of activities intended for children below school age which the children may participate in together with a parent.

Exercise classes for children and young people take place after school premises or at sports facilities near schools. Most of these classes are free of charge. 

  • EasySport exercise is available for children aged 6 to 13 (in Finnish)

The city also has many child-friendly sites, where you can spend the whole day for an entrance fee. 


Sports clubs 
Music playschools 
Art schools 
Theatre and opera 
Swimming and diving 

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