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Playground activities for families with infants

Public playgrounds provide a safe environment and meaningful activities for families and school children. Most playgrounds have a paddling pool, playing field and various play equipment. Some of the playgrounds have a playing field that turns into a skating rink in winter. The equipment and functional possibilities vary according to the park. Residents of the area are welcome to participate in the planning of the activities..

A mother in a wheelchair is at a playground with her child.

The Department of Early Education and Care organises instructed outdoor and indoor activities at the parks for children, families with children and preadolescents on weekdays for 7–8 hours between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. When schools are operational, schoolchildren are provided with a chargeable snack. Children must be registered to receive the snack. In the summer, open playgrounds serve free-of-charge hot meals to children under the age of 16.

Infant family activities

Playgrounds and family houses of Helsinki organise infant family activities as a continuation of the child health clinic's family training for first-born babies families of Helsinki. The infant family activities include four themes, which have the same contents at all locations.

The themes are:

  • Being with the baby - what is early interaction?
  • Coping in everyday life, being a parent
  • The baby’s daytime and sleep rhythm
  • Services for families with children: presentation of day care.

The activities are voluntary and free of charge for families.

You can select any theme you like or all of them and you can attend them in the order of your choosing and at any location. The locations would like you to register by e-mail or phone no later than the day before the event.

Other morning activities

Playgrounds on the map

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