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Iloa varhain groups

Social care work for families with children organises Iloa varhain ('Early joy') groups for mothers who have babies from 2 weeks to 8 months of age. The group is intended for mothers suffering from mild depression or who have a risk of becoming depressed. This closed group has room for 4–5 mothers with their babies. The mothers are interviewed before the group’s first meeting. Participation in the group also includes a follow-up meeting after the group sessions have ended.

The group meets eight times. The meetings are held once a week before noon and last for approximately 2 hours per session. The group uses the Depressiokoulu handbook, which has a cognitive-psychotherapeutic approach. The participants will practise controlling their mood and identifying their emotions.

Instruction in the Iloa varhain group is mainly provided by social counsellors from the social care work for families with children who work in pairs.

You can apply for this service by contacting the group’s instructors.

Social care work for families with children

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