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Home services for families with children

Home service for families with children helps a family when the mother is ill.

The home services unit’s team for families with upper respiratory tract infection symptoms – help with everyday challenges

The home services for families with children unit has established a service team to help families whose members have been infected. The service team’s workers work with families who have upper respiratory tract infection symptoms or stomach symptoms and families that have been placed in quarantine or infected with the coronavirus. The workers wear full protective gear during home visits. The team works out of Paloheinä Health Station and visits families throughout the entire area of the city of Helsinki.

Home services can be provided to families whose ability to function has been reduced or who have concerns about a child’s growth and development due to an exceptional life situation. Practical help may include help and guidance in child care and upbringing as well as other everyday tasks.

The services can be sought
by contacting your area’s home services counsellor. Families in need of home services suffering from infection symptoms can also contact the social welfare counselling for families with children telephone service, tel. 09 3101 5454.

The family work offered by the home services is defined as temporary work intended to support a family’s everyday life. It can be granted due to a family’s weakened functional ability, family situation, stress, birth of a new child, disability, or other reason.

A need for the home services might arise if:

  • you need support in taking care of and bringing up your children
  • you need tangible help for a smoother everyday life
  • you are concerned about your own coping
  • a parent in your family is mentally or physically ill
  • you need temporary child care services so you can take care of personal matters
  • more than one baby was born into your family
  • your family has been faced with a crisis

The home service for families with children aims to recognise, prevent and mitigate problems encountered by children, young people and families, as early on as possible.

The goal is to improve the family’s abilities to cope with everyday life and the successful growth and development of the child through discussions, by guiding the family and by working together, while utilising the family's own resources.

You can apply for the home services by contacting the head instructor in your area.

Home services fees (pdf, in Finnish)

Contact information (in Finnish)

Service voucher for temporary home services of families with children



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