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Peer discussion on the internet

Families with children that live in Helsinki can share their thoughts with their peers in a safe environment. The first peer discussion topic is babies’ sleep issues. If you require individual guidance with your baby’s sleep problems, you can contact the social care workers at the social guidance for families with children directly.

Online discussion on babies’ sleep issues

In the group Vauvaperheiden unipulmat (‘Sleep issues in families with babies’), parents living in Helsinki can discuss and share their experiences regarding the sleep and sleep problems of babies. The social care worker from the City of Helsinki’s family work for families with children, who reads the parents’ entries and comments on them, will visit the group roughly once a week. However, the main focus is on peer discussion.

Vauvaperheiden unipulmat Helsingissä (‘Sleeping issues in families with babies in Helsinki’) Facebook group

Facebook group Vauvaperheiden unipulmat Helsingissä

01.11.2018 14:56