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Baby food

A baby gets small food samples as an introduction to solid food.

A baby’s digestive system will gradually become able to handle new foods. Full-time breastfeeding is recommended for the first 4–6 months, so if your baby is growing and developing well with just breastmilk, there is no rush to try out new foods until the six-month milestone.

The introduction of new foods should begin based on the baby’s individual development at the age of 4–6 months. A wide range of food samples may be offered to the baby from the start. Small samples should not replace breastfeeding.

At the beginning, the food samples are offered after nursing the baby first. Providing the baby with both solid foods and breastmilk simultaneously will support the development of their digestive tract.

Six-month-old children will need solid food in addition to breastmilk.

A wide range of new foods should be offered to a baby from the beginning. However, certain foods should only be introduced later.


Eating together - food recommendations for families with children (pdf)

Eating together – food recommendations for families with children (pdf, THL)

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