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The baby’s first year is a time of learning for the mother and the whole family. Especially with the first-born, the situation is completely new, although all babies have their own unique characteristics. Here you can find information on the services that the City offers after your baby is born, as well as guides and videos about a baby’s first year. 

Parents take care of their babies in various situations.

Answers will be provided to questions such as:

  • How do you take care of a baby?
  • Which things are important in early interaction?
  • How can the partner or another close person support a mother who is breastfeeding?
  • How do I feed the baby with a bottle?
  • Where can I get support with a baby’s sleeping difficulties?
  • How do I identify different cries?

Living with a baby might surprise you. If you are finding it difficult to cope, you can contact the City of Helsinki’s home services for families with children. They offer concrete support, help and advice on everyday issues for an hourly fee. Places like playgrounds organise fun, productive and free activities for families with babies. Alternatively, you can meet other people in a similar situation at places like the City’s family houses. However, what your baby needs the most is being held and cared for, and having human contact.


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