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Pop-up vaccination points

Helsinkians can get the first and second corona vaccine dose without an appointment at the pop-up vaccinations points.

You do not have to book an appointment.

The vaccination is free.

You must have your ID or Kela card with you when you come to the vaccination point. Be prepared to stay for monitoring for at least 15 minutes after the vaccination.

We update the information as soon as we know more.

Pop-up vaccination points


Address: Shopping Centre Arabia, 2nd floor, next to the Tokmanni store, Hämeentie 111
Open: 11.10.–29.10. on weekdays from 11 to 15


Address: Itäkeskus Library, Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1
Open: Thursday 21.10. and Thursday 28.10. from 10 to 15

Address: Shopping Centre Itis, Itäkatu 1–7, at the entrance to Itis, next to the shops Feel Vegas and S-market
Open: 18.10.–29.10. on weekdays from 11 to 15


Address: Shopping Centre Kamppi Helsinki, 1st floor, next to the Guess store, Urho Kekkosen katu 1
Open: 5.10.–29.10.  on weekdays from 10 to 15


Address: Kannelmäki Library, Klaneettitie 5
Open: Monday 18.10. and Monday 25.10.  from 11 to 15


Address: Kontulantie 20, on the metro station, in the previous D station area, by the entrance on the Mellunmäki and Kontumarket side
Open: 4.10.–29.10. on weekdays from 11 to 15


Address: Malmi Library, Ala-Malmin tori 1
Open: Tuesday 19.10. and Tuesday 26.10. from 9 to 15


Address: Vuosaari Library, Mosaiikkitori 2
Open: Friday 22.10. and Friday 29.10. from 11 to 15  

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