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Going to the vaccination


NB. Jätkäsaari vaccination point will close 30 January 2023. After this date there will be no separate vaccination points.

How do I get to the vaccination point?

You can come to the vaccination by car, bike, public transport or on foot.

Kela will provide compensation for travel costs associated with getting vaccinated against COVID-19 under the same terms as for any other trip to visit a healthcare provider (also for the return trip). Clients who use public transport or a private car must claim compensation afterwards from Kela. The easiest way to claim is to visit Kela's e-services at (Finnish) or (Swedish).

Clients who for health reasons are prevented from using public transportation, or it is not available, can get a reimbursement for using a taxi 27.3.–31.12.2022. If you have the right to use a taxi and get reimbursed by Kela, call the regional dispatch number to book a taxi. Please be aware that if you book a taxi in some other way, Kela will not reimburse you for the trip. Read instructions on Kela's website: How to book a Kela taxi.

How do I act at the vaccination point?

It’s safe to visit the vaccination points. Remember the following when visiting the vaccination points:

  • Don’t attend your vaccination appointment if you have symptoms of coronavirus. Typical symptoms are fever, cough, a sore throat, shortness of breath, muscle ache, nausea and deterioration of general health. Loss of smell and taste is also quite common.
  • Don’t attend your vaccination appointment if you have been quarantined. If you have recently been abroad, the health safety instructions for coming to Finland must be followed. See here for more information on how to proceed after entry.
  • Please dress so that it is easy to access your shoulder.
  • Please be prepared to verify your identity with an ID card or similar and take it out while you are waiting.
  • Use a face mask.
  • Take care of good hand hygiene.
  • Keep a safe distance to others.
  • Avoid using strong perfumes.
  • Be prepared to stay for monitoring for at least 15 minutes after the vaccination.

NB: Be sure to come to your scheduled appointment on time. However, we do not recommend coming too much in advance. There are no separate waiting areas at the vaccination points. Be prepared to que and dress accordingly. Remember to drink enough before the vaccination.

NB: We kindly ask you to wear a face mask at the vaccination points.

See alsoGetting the vaccine: to whom and when?

Vaccines in use

*The Pfizer vaccine (30 micrograms/dose) is used for people aged 12 or older. *The Pfizer vaccine (10 micrograms/dose) is used for children aged 5 to 11. The Janssen adenovirus vector vaccine is used for people over the age of 65. *The Novavax Nuvaxovid vaccine is used for the first and second doses for people aged 12 or older. *The Comirnaty Omicron BA.1 Vaccine is used as a booster dose (third or subsequent dose) for people aged 12 or older. *The Comirnaty Omicron BA.4–5 Vaccineis used as a booster dose for people aged 12 or older.

Nuvaxovid can be given as a booster dose to people over 18 years of age if they have medical reasons against taking the other vaccines or do not want to take other vaccines. In children aged 12 to 17, Nuvaxovid can be used as a booster dose if they are at risk and have medical reasons against taking Comirnaty.

Autumn/early winter booster doses:

Vaccination is free and voluntary.

*Pages available in Finnish and Swedish (Finnish institute for health and welfare, THL).

Coronavirus vaccination for children and young people

Underage persons may decide on whether or not to take the coronavirus vaccine if a health care professional deems them capable of making the decision, based on their age and developmental level. This assessment is made at the vaccination point. In the event that a young person cannot decide on the vaccination, consent from both parents/guardians is required. The consent form can be found on THL's website.

Read more about vaccinations for children and young people


Address: Tyynenmerenkatu 6 L3, 00220 Helsinki
Opening times: Mon-Fri 8.00–16.00, 

NB! You have to book an appointment for this fall's booster dose.

TBE and tetanus vaccines are given without appointment on weekdays 9.00–15.00.

Please note! Contact your local health station by phone or via Maisa first. In order to get the TBE vaccination, you will need a prescription and a dose of the vaccine, which you can buy at a pharmacy yourself and bring along to the appointment.

You can access the Jätkäsaari vaccination point with trams 9 and 7.
Disembark at the Huutokonttori stop. You will need to walk around 350 metres to reach the vaccination point.
If you arrive by metro, you will need to walk about 1 km from the Ruoholahti metro station.
Check the public transport connections to the vaccination point at Jätkäsaari on Journey planner

On the map below you can see locations of the entrance and exit points and information on where to park your car. You can enlarge the map by clicking.

The map of Jätkäsaari vaccination point.


The service point is located on the same floor as the entrance.
The escort traffic endpoint is near to the entrance, and the entrance can be easily accessed from there.
A toilet marked as accessible can be found on floor 1 of the service point.
Lobby greeters will escort the disabled persons to the exact vaccination location, if necessary.

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