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You can visit the open maternity and child health clinic without an appointment. More about service:
Regardless of where they live, the pupils of comprehensive schools in Helsinki are invited to an oral and dental health check-up either with a dental hygienist or dentist. More about service:
Students of upper comprehensive school, vocational institutions and universities of applied sciences are admitted for treatment based on urgency and the need for treatment. More about service:
Services to people dealing with mental health problems More about service:
Substance abuse rehabilitation clinics implement individually planned drug and prescription drug detoxifications. More about service:
The periods of outpatient rehabilitation include intensive day rehabilitation for various customer groups. More about service:
The Palliative Outpatient Clinic of the City of Helsinki provides symptomatic treatment consultation and monitoring for patients residing in Helsinki. More about service:
Pap smear screening tests are used to detect cervical cancer at an early stage. More about service:
The task of a Child Welfare Officer is to investigate the paternity of extramarital children. More about service:
The Patient Ombudsman gives advice on matters pertaining to the application of the Patient Act, in filing reminders and handling matters concerning patient injuries and compensation. More about service:
Personal aid assists a person with severe disability with daily actions at all hours at home and also outside the home environment, for example in work, studies and hobbies. More about service:
In order to receive sms messages you can update your mobile telephone number. Students at universities of applied sciences of other municipalities can update their address information and their mobile phone number. More about service:
Physiotherapy is individual and group therapy for promoting and maintaining the physical ability to function as well as counselling and guidance to support self-care. More about service:
Pilke groups are groups for pensioners who use intoxicants. More about service:
Children come to a foster home based on a request made by child welfare services, emergency social services or a social worker from emergency social services. More about service:
The Child Welfare Act requires that if children have to be placed outside his or her home, the child's family network is first surveyed. More about service:
After the birth of a baby, play parks and family houses organise activities for families with a baby as a continuation of maternity and child health clinic family coaching. More about service:
The unit for police social work coordinates the cooperation between social services and the police. More about service:
The need to look into adoption-related issues may arise later in life. More about service:
The purpose of preventative mental health and substance abuse work with adults is to promote a substance-free life style through knowledge, self-assessments and early intervention. More about service:

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