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In their outreach work, local work meets people who require services, but who are not entitled to most of the City's services. More about service:
Street-based social work comprises helping people of limited financial means with housing and financial matters and steering them towards other services. More about service:
Street-based social work includes a situational assessment of people showing symptoms of psychological distress or acting in a disturbing manner on the streets and in public spaces and steering them towards services. More about service:
The service is intended for an elderly person in constant need of 24-hour care and treatment, who cannot cope in their own home despite the services, rehabilitation and/or care arranged at home. More about service:
Family coaching is an interactive and resource-based group activity. More about service:
Maternity and child health clinics More about service:
Maternity clinic work aims to ensure the health of the expectant mother, foetus and new-born, and promote and maintain the health and well-being of the entire family. More about service:
The purpose is to assist spouses in solving their family's issues through the methods of mediation and, in particular, to secure the child's position, if the parents decide to separate. More about service:
Call the number 116 117 before you go to the emergency clinic. More about service:
The assistive equipment services are intended for Helsinkiresidents (over 16 years of age) whose ability to function is reduced. More about service:
Service Centres host a range of different peer support groups and memory cafés for customers who have memory disorders and who are living at home, as well as for their friends and family. More about service:
The memory coordinator can be contacted when the client has trouble dealing with everyday tasks and it is suspected that these stem from a memory disorder. More about service:
Mieppi is a low-threshold mental health service unit offering discussion support for adults and young people over 13. More about service:
Service Centres host a range of multicultural activities, such as discussion groups, sports, handicrafts and Finnish language courses. More about service:
In community centres it is easy for people from different cultures to learn to know each other and learn from each other. More about service:
Neighbourhood Circles are local 'second living rooms' for the elderly, and are active within a certain residential area. Neighbourhood Circles meet throughout the city. More about service:
When you need an appointment to see a nurse, contact your health station. More about service:
An appointment to see a nutrition therapist can be made with a referral in various challenging situations related to nutrition. More about service:
A referral for occupational therapy is made when the child's development requires a more detailed review. More about service:
Occupational therapy is a form of rehabilitation that is based on the client's needs and takes life's different aspects into account comprehensively. More about service:

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