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Community centres are equipped with computers that are reserved for the residents. They have an Internet connection and are also often connected to a printer. More about service:
At ITE self-treatment stations you can measure your blood pressure, test your reading vision, measure your waist circumference and check your weight. More about service:
The social guidance for families with children organises these groups for mothers who have babies from 2 weeks to 8 months of age. The group is intended for mothers suffering from mild depression or who have a risk of becoming depressed. This closed group can accommodate 4-5 mothers with their babies. More about service:
The social services and health care division gives services to immigrants. More about service:
Information and advice about infectious diseases is available from local health stations and the telephone health service, tel. 09 310 10023. More about service:
An informal carer who has signed an agreement is entitled to two or three statutory days of leave per month. More about service:
The objective of informal carer coaching is to support the caring capabilities of a person about to become an informal carer. More about service:
The objective of informal carer coaching is to support the caring capabilities of a person about to become an informal carer. More about service:
You will get information about the social and health care services at all social and health care units. More about service:
The initial assessment (alkukartoitus) is meant to help you find the services you need to support your integration. More about service:
Institutional care includes, for example, help with everyday routines, rehabilitation, support and guidance. More about service:
The services are intended for people with intellectual disabilities, who need comprehensive care and support for 24 hours a day. More about service:
The instructors are assigned to act as the initiator person responsible for the Neighbourhood circle, and to ensure that everything necessary gets done. More about service:
The integration services support your integration and independent coping in Finnish society. More about service:
A person who wishes to adopt their spouse's minor child must register to the adoption counselling queue. More about service:
Institutional rehabilitation is substance abuse rehabilitation, which is divided into orientation, rehabilitation and separation phases. More about service:
The SAS (investigation, assessment and placement) Office coordinates the City of Helsinki's care pathways. More about service:
Local work comprises looking for people living outdoors, making a situational assessment and steering them towards services. More about service:
You can do your laundry independently at Service Centres equipped with washing machines and drying rooms or tumble driers. More about service:
Service Centres are home to both the Service Centres' own libraries and Helsinki City Library's library units. More about service:

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