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The objective of the consultation is that the patient receives a timely assessment of their condition and of the necessity of further treatment. More about service:
With a doctor's referral, memory disorder reviews and examinations are performed for over 75-year-old Helsinki residents at the Geriatric Outpatient Clinic. More about service:
All men who turn 40 this year are eligible for the Virtual Health Check and Personal Coaching. More about service:
Groups that meet at health stations are intended to support self-treatment and to give patients the possibility to share their experiences. The discussions cover issues related to self-treatment. More about service:
Group therapy is structured, goal-oriented, fixed-term therapy which utilises peer support. More about service:
Health and social welfare guidance related to the risk use of drugs. More about service:
You can use e-services to book appointments as well as reschedule or cancel appointments that you have booked through e-services. You can also order a reminder of an appointment you have booked to be sent to you via SMS. More about service:
Health care e-services are available at health stations and in dental care, for clients of maternity and child health clinics and students of Helsinki Universities of Applied Sciences. More about service:
A secure messaging service between health care clients and professionals (not dental care). More about service:
A preliminary information form for clients of Maternity and Child Health Clinics. More about service:
People in need of urgent medical care have the right to receive treatment regardless of their nationality. The right to other health care services is determined by the kind of residence permit the foreign person has. More about service:
A Helsinki resident without a permanent home can receive health station services and psychiatric outpatient services from the location from where they request them. More about service:
Older persons have a right to a health check. In order to get a health check please contact your own health station. More about service:
Health examinations at schools are examinations of children's and students' condition of health and functional capacity conducted with clinical health checks and other reliable methods. The examinations aim to promote health. More about service:
All first-year students in general and vocational secondary education, including adult education, are examined by nurses. The examinations are conducted with view to the students' previous health and wellbeing plans. More about service:
First-year students have the opportunity to fulfill an online health questionnaire. The responses are used to assess the needs for and urgency of health examinations. More about service:
Nurses cooperate with students, families and student care. More about service:
The extensive health examinations in first grade include health checks conducted by school public health nurses and by school doctors. More about service:
The health examinations conducted by school public health nurses consist of assessments of children's health, growth and wellbeing. More about service:
The health examinations conducted by school public health nurses consist of assessments of children's health, growth and wellbeing. More about service:

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