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Haartman and Malmi hospitals' have emergency service wards which support the emergency services. More about service:
Emergency services social work is done at the emergency clinics and at emergency and monitoring wards and makes assessments of the need of urgent social welfare.Social work of emergency services responds to the social work needs, which have occurred during the hospital treatment, of patients . More about service:
The objective of employment activities carried out by the Symppis services is to clarify the career options or to support the customer in returning to the job market. More about service:
Employment support facilitates the integration of the unemployed and those with reduced working abilities into society and the labour market. More about service:
The Epidemiologic operations unit treats epidemics of infectious diseases within the City of Helsinki and provides information and guidance related to infectious diseases. More about service:
Equipment includes, for example, vehicles (cars, tandem bikes) household appliances, required due to a disability or devices for communication. More about service:
Sexually transmitted diseases are examined and treated at health stations and at the Venereal Diseases Outpatient Clinic of the Skin and Allergy Hospital (HUS). More about service:
Among others, examinations and tests during pregnancy include urine samples, haemoglobin, blood pressure and weight, as well as blood type, B hepatitis, HIV and cardiolipin, two-hour glucose tolerance tests, assessment of the growth of the uterus and evaluation of the growth, position and condition of the foetus More about service:
Many community centres offer the opportunity to participate in guided exercises, although they do not have actual gym equipment. More about service:
Family care in a foster family is valid until further notice and it may last until the child comes of age. More about service:
Family care is intended for an intellectually disabled or disabled person, who cannot be housed and treated at his or her own home with the help of other services. More about service:
Paternity matters, maintenance, custody and meeting agreement matters, adoption matters and drawing up of reports for the court in child custody and meeting disputes. More about service:
Service Centres host sales events and flea markets, where you can sell products you have made yourself or small, second-hand items. More about service:
During the pregnancy, the mother can participate in various examinations. More about service:
The success of the placement of every child adopted from abroad is followed up. More about service:
Follow-up rehabilitation is a form of support intended for people recovering from substance dependence. More about service:
In the outreach work taking place near where donated food is distributed, clients can meet with a work team consisting of a social worker and a social care worker without making an appointment. More about service:
Foot therapy service is mainly intended for diabetics and people with rheumatoid arthritis, as severe problems with lower limbs are often connected to these diseases. More about service:
Client counselling finds the child a place in foster care, in cooperation with a social worker and a worker from the foster care unit. More about service:
If you would like some relief from loneliness and are interested in making new friends, you can join a Friendship Circle Group. More about service:

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