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Supervises the interests of minors during police interrogation and court proceedings. More about service:
If no other housing solution is available, an assessment is made to identify whether the client meets the criteria for receiving crisis accommodation. More about service:
Crisis housing for those with developmental disabilities offers help in situations where basic services and other support methods are not sufficient. More about service:
Goal-oriented activities, which are arranged outside the home and promote independent living and participation. More about service:
Day activities are preventative activities that also support rehabilitation. More about service:
Dental care services are meant for Helsinki residents and those who have chosen Helsinki as their location of care. More about service:
With the service you can view, cancel or reschedule booked appointments. More about service:
The dental clinic of Kalasatama provides individual dental care by taking into account the special needs of an intellectually disabled customer in situations, where dental care cannot be arranged in the customer's local dental clinic as usual. More about service:
Electronic preliminary information form for oral health care. More about service:
24-hour detoxification treatment is intended for people with substance abuse problems, who are not able to go through the alcohol detoxification as outpatients. More about service:
The duty of a Disability Ombudsman is to promote the equality and basic rights of disabled people. More about service:
Services by the outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabledThe outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled provides support, guidance and care in matters related to intellectual disability. More about service:
The service is intended for a person with severe disabilities, who requires permanently installed equipment and devices in his or her apartment, in order to continue living at home. More about service:
Helsinki residents can receive supplies for self-care from self-care distribution points free of charge. More about service:
Health stations provide doctor's services by appointment. More about service:
The City of Helsinki places approximately 1 to 5 domestic adopted children annually. More about service:
Substance abuse rehabilitation clinics offer a five-point ear acupuncture treatment as part of the planned comprehensive treatment. More about service:
With the help of the electronic wellbeing and health check-up, an informal carer can receive focused information on wellbeing and health. After the check-ups, the carer can take part in electronic coaching programmes. More about service:
Electronic health services are available at the City of Helsinki's health stations, maternity clinics, dental care and student health care provisions. More about service:
The emergency dental care takes patients with an acute pain or a dental trauma. More about service:

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