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The Aurora Mobile Outpatient Unit is the multidisciplinary outreach outpatient care working group of Helsinki's psychiatric services. More about service:
Birth control information and sexual counselling services provide information and services related to contraceptives and sexuality. More about service:
Breast cancer screening, that is, mammography, is aimed at detecting breast cancer at an early stage by using low-energy X-rays to examine the breasts. Breast cancer is the most frequent type of cancer among women. More about service:
You can make coffee or tea in community centres and local centres. Some of them also serve pastries or other snacks. More about service:
Some certificates and statements with legal status can be prepared at health stations. More about service:
The aim of family work is to support the growth and development of a child, improve a family's ability to cope with everyday life, support a parent in the various areas of parenthood, and strengthen the interaction between a parent and their child. More about service:
The purpose of child health clinic work is to secure the best possible health of every child and support parenting and the relationship so that the child can have the best possible conditions for growth and healthy development. More about service:
The goal of child welfare services is to secure children's rights and to support parents and other guardians in their child upbringing tasks. More about service:
Children requiring special care, siblings, and teenagers are placed into professional family homes. More about service:
Family group conference promotes the customers' chances to influence the child welfare services and enables families and loved ones to take part in the lives of the children and young people. More about service:
Children of various ages live in children's home, when they, for one reason or another, cannot live at home with their parents. More about service:
On the basis of the Disability Services Act, manual sign and sign language teaching and image communication education is granted as individual adaptation coaching. More about service:
These groups are low-threshold meeting places for people dealing with mental health issues, who are lonely and in danger of becoming socially excluded. More about service:
Community centres' neighbourhood circles are local 'second living rooms' that are active within a certain residential area. More about service:
Community work is a persistent promotion of the development of a city district, in cooperation with the residents, the companies in the area, different organisations and the authorities. More about service:
You can contact the health station online. We will reply to you as soon as possible during the opening time. More about service:
The service is intended for residents of Helsinki, who suspect that they have been exposed to the corona virus or whose symptoms indicate that they may have been infected with the virus. You can also call the service number if you are concerned about the exposure or symptoms of a loved one. More about service:
Couple's therapy is intended for families with children that have issues concerning the relationship of the parents. More about service:
The community centres offer a wide range of possibilities for arts and crafts. More about service:

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