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The basic purpose of the work ability assessment is to review and assess the work and functional abilities customers and their options for receiving rehabilitation and a pension. More about service:
The purpose of work activities for the disabled is to support and promote the client's ability to work and function. More about service:
The objective of work and day activities is to provide meaningful activities that individually support the independence of the customer. More about service:
The main objective of supported work is to find part-time or full-time paid work for the customer. The service is applied for from the Service of supported employment. Written application is not required. More about service:
Goal-oriented and systematic family work at home, intended for Romani families. More about service:
The workshops have their own supervisors and workshop directors, who guide the employees. More about service:
The purpose is to review substance abuse and its related risks, assess the need for psychosocial support, compile a plan for outpatient care, implement rehabilitation. More about service:

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