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The main objective of supported work is to find part-time or full-time paid work for the customer. More about service:
The supported employment service offers work training primarily aimed at finding full- or part-time employment for the customer. Work coaching is carried out individually. More about service:
A service plan and a support or guidance plan are written for the customers living in supported housing units, and a decision is made on the housing support services. More about service:
Supported living in a practice apartment is primarily intended for young people moving out of children's homes. More about service:
The three main tasks of the Child Welfare Client Counselling Unit are Client counselling, Monitoring, Development work, economic follow-up and information production. More about service:
Telephone health service is open 24/7 at the number 09 310 10023. More about service:
The sexual health advice service provides help and guidance in matters concerning gender, body image, sexual health and relationships. More about service:
Therapeutic work for families with infants supports and takes care of expecting families or families with children under the age of 1, when starting the work in which there are possible issues with interaction with the infant. More about service:
Toukolakoti offers housing in rooms for one to two people, which are equipped with basic furniture. More about service:
The transport service is intended for a person with a severe disability, who would have to face, for a long time, unreasonable difficulties, when using public transport. More about service:
The transport benefit, a support measure defined in the Social Welfare Act, is part of the support for independent living. More about service:
The outpatient services of substance abuse rehabilitation clinics and the youth station are intended for people who need help with substance dependencies or other addictions. More about service:
Upbringing and family guidance is intended for children under 18 years of age from Helsinki and their families. More about service:
Children that are customers of the clinic will be vaccinated against diseases, free of charge. More about service:
As a volunteer you have the opportunity to meet new people, gain new experiences and spend your time on a meaningful activity, as well as benefiting others. More about service:
Voluntary work is a preventative activity that completes the services, instead of replacing them. More about service:
The City of Helsinki offers WLAN inlets and outlets in the city centre and in different city-owned buildings, for example public libraries. More about service:
The basic purpose of the work ability assessment is to review and assess the work and functional abilities customers and their options for receiving rehabilitation and a pension. More about service:
The purpose of work activities for the disabled is to support and promote the client's ability to work and function. More about service:
The objective of work and day activities is to provide meaningful activities that individually support the independence of the customer. More about service:

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