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The purpose is to support and promote the active and independent coping of a disabled person and to mitigate the limitations or obstacles caused by the disability. More about service:
Gerontological social work, i.e. social work and social guidance for the elderly, is about change with the objective of improving the conditions, functional abilities, and reliability of communities that promote well-being among the elderly. More about service:
Child welfare includes child- and family-specific welfare. More about service:
The objective of the Developmental Disabilities Service's social work is to encourage the customers to live as independent a life as possible during all stages of their life. More about service:
The clients of the social work of placements are children and young people in child custody, who live in foster families, a professional family home or in a child welfare institute.The service is only for citizens of Helsinki. More about service:
Young people's social work serves 16 to 29-year-old young people in the offices of social work and social guidance. More about service:
The Special Care Outpatient Clinic is for patients with severe mental health disorders whose symptoms include repeated violence or who are otherwise difficult to treat. More about service:
Adults can get an assessment from a speech therapist through a doctor's referral. The reasons for the referral can be problems with speech production or understanding, or difficulties with swallowing. More about service:
Children and young people between the ages of 0 and 16 are examined and rehabilitated in children's speech therapy, if they have or are suspected of having problems in language and/or speech development. More about service:
Street-based social work takes place on streets, in shopping and community centers as well as in other public spaces. More about service:
The basic duty of student health care is to promote student health and studying abilities and supervise the health-related conditions of the study environment. More about service:
Needs for student health examinations and their urgency are determined with health questionnaires fulfilled by students at the beginning of their studies and with a review of earlier student health information. More about service:
Student welfare services aim to render school a safe and pleasant experience for pupils, who should receive necessary guidance and support when faced with challenging situations. More about service:
Materials on substance abuse including brochures, guides and posters More about service:
The campaigns make known the evaluation and self-help tools for substance abuse and mental health. More about service:
This service allows you to apply for supplementary social assistance online. More about service:
Substance abuse rehabilitation clinics provide support for the loved ones of people suffering from substance dependencies. More about service:
The purpose is the empowerment of the family through support family activities and other necessary support methods. More about service:
Informal care refers to the treatment and care of an elderly, disabled or ill person, in his or her home with the help of a family member or a loved one of the person in question. More about service:
The service is intended for an intellectually disabled person, who requires support for creating and maintaining social relations. More about service:

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