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Social work provided by follow-up care is in charge of social work offered to young people aged 16 or over who have been placed into care and whose placement period has ended. More about service:
The Special Care Outpatient Clinic is for patients with severe mental health disorders whose symptoms include repeated violence or who are otherwise difficult to treat. More about service:
Adults can get an assessment from a speech therapist through a doctor's referral. The reasons for the referral can be problems with speech production or understanding, or difficulties with swallowing. More about service:
Children and young people between the ages of 0 and 16 are examined and rehabilitated in children's speech therapy, if they have or are suspected of having problems in language and/or speech development. More about service:
Street-based social work takes place on streets, in shopping and community centers as well as in other public spaces. More about service:
The basic duty of student health care is to promote student health and studying abilities and supervise the health-related conditions of the study environment. More about service:
Needs for student health examinations and their urgency are determined with health questionnaires fulfilled by students at the beginning of their studies and with a review of earlier student health information. More about service:
Student welfare services aim to render school a safe and pleasant experience for pupils, who should receive necessary guidance and support when faced with challenging situations. More about service:
Materials on substance abuse including brochures, guides and posters More about service:
The campaigns make known the evaluation and self-help tools for substance abuse and mental health. More about service:
This service allows you to apply for supplementary social assistance online. More about service:
Substance abuse rehabilitation clinics provide support for the loved ones of people suffering from substance dependencies. More about service:
For children with need of special support the city can arrange a support family. The objective is to support the development of the child and give the parents a break. More about service:
Informal care refers to the treatment and care of an elderly, disabled or ill person, in his or her home with the help of a family member or a loved one of the person in question. More about service:
The service is intended for an intellectually disabled person, who requires support for creating and maintaining social relations. More about service:
The service is intended for a child or young person, who is a client of the child welfare services and who needs the support of a safe adult and wants an appointed support person. More about service:
The service is intended for a disabled person who requires support for creating and maintaining social relations. More about service:
In addition to statutory vacations, informal carers are offered support through various different forms of service. More about service:
Services that support informal carers in their work include statutory leave. More about service:
If you find going alone to a hobby or sports group difficult, ask at your local Service Centre to find out what kinds of supported groups are available at the centres. More about service:

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