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If you have a Service Centre Card, you can participate in activities at all City of Helsinki Service Centres. More about service:
At Service Centres you can join supervised sports groups and participate in day dances. More about service:
Service Centres are equipped with computers that are reserved for residents. They have an Internet connection and are also often connected to a printer. More about service:
You can book a conversation appointment with a social care worker at a Service Centre for the service management and advice service. More about service:
Service Centres are open meeting places supporting living at home, promoting well-being and easing experiences of loneliness. More about service:
The operations of the service centre are divided into four parts- reception actions and arranging temporary housing - day centre activities - housing services- assessment, advice and guidance More about service:
The service is meant for 18 year old homeless persons. More about service:
Service centre gyms offer a wide range of safe gym equipment for you to use. More about service:
The need for basic services as well as Child Welfare Services' support and services is assessed together with the family. More about service:
In order to assess the services and support measures required by a disabled person, a service plan is compiled in cooperation with the customer. More about service:
When the need of day activities has been stated a person over 65 years of age may choose a service voucher for day activities. More about service:
A service voucher is one method for arranging personal assistance. The client will acquire the assistance from the chosen service provider approved by the municipality. More about service:
A service voucher for sheltered housing is intended for 24-hour sheltered housing. More about service:
Home service bought with a service voucher is practical help, such as child care and education as well as household chores, primarily in the family's home. More about service:
One way to arrange service housing for people with severe disabilities. The customer will choose one housing unit from the providers approved by the city. No personal liability share. More about service:
During your asylum (turvapaikka) application handling, you will get the basic statutory services at the Reception Centre, or they will be organised by the Centre. More about service:
Services by psychiatric nurses are meant for customers aged 18 and older suffering from mild or medium depression or anxiety. More about service:
The purpose of activity centres is to promote and support the informal carers and the care receivers and their well-being. More about service:
Services for a person with an autism spectrum disorder are organised as services based on the Disability Act, Intellectual Disability Act, Informal Care Act and Social Welfare Act. More about service:
The services for the disabled cover the guidance for home care, institutional services and housing and family care services as well as day and work activities, supported employment services, coaching and informal care support for under 65-year-olds. More about service:

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