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Supported housing apartments are intended for over 18-year-olds single people and couples without a home, who need support in regard to their housing and life management skills. More about service:
Services arranged for the homeless are rehabilitative residential accommodation, assisted housing and sheltered housing (in Aurora House). More about service:
This service is intended for an elderly person, whose apartment or its immediate surroundings include obstacles that make everyday activities difficult. More about service:
An intellectually disabled resident has the same rights and obligations as any other citizen living in a rented apartment. More about service:
Local operators can rent premises for free for local resident activities. For regular activities premises are rented on weekday evenings in general. More about service:
Resident houses are open to all and they are great places for the residents to spend their time and meet each other. More about service:
Restaurants and cafés at Service Centres are open to all. More about service:
Retinal photography for Helsinki residents with diabetes. More about service:
You can use the Service Centres' sauna services if you do not have bathing facilities at home, or those available are insufficient. More about service:
School and student health care doctors - who, what, why, when More about service:
The aim with the health controls is to support and maintain the child's health. More about service:
School health care consists of student health care services, health information and counselling, referrals to special health examinations and supervision of school health conditions. More about service:
In addition to the home municipality, 24-hour care can also be applied for from other municipalities. More about service:
The applicant can be chosen as a resident in a service home, if supported housing is necessary for social or health related reasons. More about service:
If you have recently been diagnosed with a memory disorder, you and your partner can partake in self-care coaching. You will receive peer support and information as part of a friendly group. More about service:
Self-care services at health stations, provided at self-care points (Ite points), support independent health care by residents and promote wellbeing. More about service:
If you would like some relief from loneliness, anxiety or mild depression, you can seek help at Senior Citizen Groups. More about service:
The Senior Info tel. 09 3104 4556 Mon-Fri 9-15 gives information and guidance about the elderly services of the City of Helsinki, companies and organisations. More about service:
If you have a Service Centre Card, you can participate in activities at all City of Helsinki Service Centres. More about service:
At Service Centres you can join supervised sports groups and participate in day dances. More about service:

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