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Electronic services

Service break in health care e-services 25.11.2020 from 10 p.m.

There is a service break in health care e-services (not dental care) from 25.11.2020 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. During the break the eServices are not in use. We regret any inconvenience incurred.

As a client and patient of the Department of Social Services and Health Care, you may utilise the electronic health services and apply for supplementary and preventive social assistance electronically.

Electronic health services

My Kanta? eServices? What are these services and what do they include?

The national My Kanta service is at Online bank information, mobile certificate or electronic ID is used to log in to the service. From My Kanta, you can find the information about your e-prescriptions and read the case statements made by the doctors and nurses. At My Kanta service you can also ask for renewal of your e-prescriptions.

Please note that My Kanta does not necessarily show you all your up-to-date data of the different health services. The City of Helsinki Healthcare Office joined the service on 26 November 2014 and all log entries made after that date should be available in the service. Other parties providing health services, such as other municipalities, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and private clinics, will join (or have joined) this national service according to their own schedules.
Further information on the My Kanta service

eServices is the electronic service website of the City of Helsinki at Introduction of electronic services requires an one-time registration. This can be done through the front page of eServices, for example, by clicking the ‘Login’ link in the upper right-hand corner. Online bank account information or mobile certificate is used to login to the service.

Using electronic health services (except for oral health care) requires that you sign a consent form/ agreement of electronic services. This form is signed electronically through the eServices portal. You will need online bank information or mobile certificate for signing in to the service.

The consent/agreement form is on the eServices site behind the path Health care > Health care forms. A note of the consent/agreement is entered into the electronic patient information system, after which using the electronic services is possible.

The consent/agreement can also be given by filling in the paper version of the consent/agreement form of electronic services and delivering it to your health station. Please note! The written form is always needed when handling affairs on behalf of someone (such as a child). In addition to this, a power of attorney is necessary if the person on behalf of whom you are acting is over 18 years of age.

  • A consent/agreement on the use of electronic services on behalf of a child or other relative:
  • Power of attorney for acting on behalf of another person:

The eServices of health care include, among others, message service, electronic appointment booking, and various preliminary information forms. Oral health care applies a dental care e-service.

Ask directly from your service location how e-services are used in that particular service location. 

From the links below, you can find out more about the available e-services. From the page you can see, for example, which units use the electronic service and from the bottom page you can access the function itself by clicking Go to the e-service.

Applying for supplementary and preventive social assistance electronically

Basic social assistance is granted by Kela.

Before applying for supplementary and preventive social assistance you will first need a decision from Kela concerning basic social assistance. The assistance is applied for at the social work units for young people or adults. The telephone advice service provides information and advice on matters related to applying: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12, tel. 09 3105 6257

From 14 of February you make an application online.

Link to the e-services where you find the application form (authentication is needed)

Instructions for the application form (in Finnish)