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Access to treatment and waiting times

Access rate to non-urgent treatment

The Health Care Act defines the time limits for the access to non-urgent treatment (so-called treatment guarantee). According to the Act,

  • on weekdays, the patient must be able to contact the health station immediately
  • the assessment for the need for care must be done at the latest by the third weekday since the contact (in basic health care and oral health care)
  • in specialised medical care, the assessment for the need for care must be started within 3 weeks
  • the patient must have access to treatment within 3 months of the assessment
  • in specialised medical care and oral health care, the maximum waiting time of 3 months can be exceeded by 3 months (waiting time in total 6 months).

See statistics of access times (in Finnish)

Waiting times for accessing the social services of the elderly

The so-called Services for the Elderly Act (Act on Supporting the Functional Capacity of the Older Population and on Social and Health Services for Older Persons) obligates the municipalities to publish at least bi-annual reports indicating in which time an elderly person may receive the social services they have applied for.