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Let's stop the violence together!

No one has to put up with violence, including violence by loved ones or family members. Help is available both for victims and perpetrators of violence.

Even people you love can hurt you

Please note, the video below is in Finnish only.

Five fingers – what is violence in close relationships?

The girl holds her hand to her chest, fingers extended upwards, thumb down.

Take the test: put a finger down if

– you cannot be yourself at home
– someone makes you feel worthless
– you feel scared at home, at school or with your friends
– you are neglected
– your bodily integrity has been violated.

If you put even one finger down, you might be experiencing violence. Support and help are available.

➔ Even if you didn’t put any finger down, you can always contact us with any concerns you would like to discuss.

If you or someone close to you have experienced violence, tell somebody.
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