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Healthcare and social services from three kinds of centres

Helsinki’s healthcare and social services consist of three service departments: health and well-being centres, family centres and senior centres. The centres offer services directed at their customers extensively under one roof.

1. Health and well-being centre

The health and well-being centres provide healthcare and social services for the working-age population. The services include health station, dental, psychiatric and substance abuse services; youth and adult social work and social guidance services; rehabilitation services; disability services and laboratories.

Health and well-being centres operating currently:

Kalasatama Health and Well-being Centre
Vuosaari Health and Well-being Centre (in Finnish)

Myllypuro Health and Well-being Centre is scheduled to open in 2021.It will operate in multiple locations as a network.

2. Family centre

Family centres offer basic services for families with children, as well as early support and special support services. The services include maternity and child health clinics, home services, speech therapy, the Family Counselling Office, physiotherapy and Child Welfare Services.

Family centres operating currently:

Itäkatu Family Centre
Kallio Family Centre
Vuosaari Family Centre (in Finnish)
Kamppi Family Centre

3. Senior centres

The senior centres offer daytime activities, evaluations and rehabilitation, and long-term and short-term housing services to older people. Some senior centres also include an informal care activity centre.

The senior centres also offer service centre activities to anyone who is retired or unemployed.

Helsinki has 10 senior centres by the end of 2020.

Senior centres (in Finnish)

Disability services and other special services

Disability services and other special services are integrated into services for all age groups.