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Apotti and Maisa are being launched – how will the services change?

Helsinki will begin using the client and patient record Apotti and client portal Maisa in its social and health care services. The launch will take place in three phases over the course of 2021.

The next launch date is 6 November 2021. On that day, Apotti and Maisa will be implemented in social services for children and working age people, as well as Child Welfare.

This implementation phase will affect the services from October to December. Updates on any changes during the implementation will be posted on this page.

Home services for families with children: the number +358 (0)9 3101 5454 is open on weekdays 4 October – 28 November 8.00–12.00 (call-back until 16.00). Changes to appointments can be made on weekdays from 7.00 to 12.00. Waiting times to home services for families with children may be longer during the implementation.

Special services for families: the services will be limited and waiting times may be longer from 1 October to 30 November. The focal points of social guidance for families with children will be on social services counselling and service needs assessments for families with children, as well as systematic social guidance for families with babies.

Child Welfare social work in community care: the on-call services will be available at 8.15–16.00 on weekdays, from 11 October to 7 December. During the implementation, service may be slower, and urgent, imperative work will take priority.

Child Welfare’s social work for placing: During the implementation, the service may become slower and more stand-ins will be working with the clients.

Social work and social guidance: the services will focus on urgent and emergency work during the implementation from 8 to 21 November. Client appointments and acute client cases on weekdays from 8.00 to 11.00.

Prebooked services for young people and adult social work: The phone service will operate as normal. The service will be slower in October and November, and probably in December as well.

Social services counselling: services available on 4–26 November as follows:
phone service on +358 (0)9 3104 4400 Mon–Fri 9.00–16.00, chat Mon–Fri 9.00–14.00.
The social services counselling unit’s social instructors will provide walk-in services:

  • Kalasatama branch: Mon–Fri 9.00–14.00
  • Myllypuro branch: Mon–Tue 9.00–14.00
  • Haaga branch: Tue 12.00–14.00 and Fri 9.00–14.00
  • Vuosaari branch: Wed–Thu 9.00–14.00
  • Social instructors at Kamppi Chapel will be available on 4 November at 10.00–18.00. Closed on 5–26 November.

Notifications on people requiring social welfare will be transferred across to Maisa client portal on 6 November.

Processing supplementary and preventative social assistance: Only urgent social assistance decisions will be made between 3 and 5 November 2021. The decision-making will be slower in October and November, and probably in December as well. Clients are asked to apply for assistance well in advance.
Applications for preventative and supplementary social assistance will no longer be accepted via the eAsiointi.hel services after Friday 29 October 2021. As of Saturday 6 November 2021, all social assistance applications must be submitted via Maisa client portal. During the interim, supplementary social assistance can be applied for by using a paper form. (in Finnish)

Social work for special immigrant groups: Fewer non-urgent appointments may take place during the implementation phase.

After-care for immigrants: Non-urgent appointments will be postponed until after the implementation phase.