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The Apotti system

The Apotti system will be taken into use in three phases in 2021

The social services and health care division in Helsinki is taking the Apotti system into use in three phases in 2021: 24.4, 29.5 and 6.11. The staggered launch ensures a controlled implementation during the corona pandemic.

The system is implemented in April for the health care services within the social and health care division in Helsinki, including oral health care, home care, services for elderly and substance abuse services. The launch in April will also include maternity and child health care services, the disability outpatient clinic, school and student health care, paediatric speech therapy and health care for unemployed. The launch in May will include services for the disabled and on 6.11. the system is launched for services for families with children, child welfare and services for people of working age. 

The preparation for the new system includes staff training and three staggered launches. This is causing some changes and delays in services. The system will be used by the entire staff of the social services and health care division in Helsinki. Apotti Oy is currently organising trainings for the experts of social services and health care so that they can become users of the system. The trainings continue until the second half of April.

During the launch in April, Helsinkians get access to the customer portal Maisa. Maisa can be used on your mobile phone and desktop and it allows you to e.g. monitor your health and bookings, contact social services and health care experts, book appointments, renew prescriptions and run errands for other people. The functionalities for social services will extend even further in Maisa after the third launch phase in the autumn. 

Make sure to follow the information channels of the services you use.