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ODA – Self-Treatment Services

The ODA project (Self-Treatment and Digital Value Services) will bring social and health care services into the digital age

The ODA project will revolutionise the current social and health care operating model, where patients queue and book an appointment by phone, and go to appointments. The ODA project will see the construction of a national, electronic service entity to support self treatment. Thanks to the ODA project, social and health care services will be available quickly and accessibly around the clock. The ODA project will bring together the information both the patient and the professional have.

ODA services for clients

Well-being check-up and training: An assessment of your own overall situation and well-being related risks. Information about changes, which could improve your well-being and reduce related risks. Self-treatment plan and online training to support changes. If necessary, care guidance will be provided.
Smart symptoms assessment: Help with resolving individual health problems. You will receive action recommendations and guidance towards appropriate services.
Smart well-being assessments: Evaluates whether you or someone close to you is entitled to the service. You can receive advice on maintaining and developing your ability to function, and if necessary guidance on making applications.
Well-being plan for those in need of long-term care or services: Objectives, means and monitoring of care and services. Based on objectives you have set for yourself, and care or services planned with a professional.

All assessments and guidance are based on your own information, and thus are always reliable and personal. Professionals will have more time for you when you need a face-to-face appointment, as appointment time will not need to be spent on filling in forms, instead the focus can remain on the matter at hand. Traditional telephone services and appointments will of course, still be available for those who do not use electronic services.