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Division presentation

The duty of the Social Services and Health Care Division is to provide wellbeing, health and social security for the residents of Helsinki.

The citizens are encouraged to take responsibility for their own and their loved ones' wellbeing and health, while the services of the Division guarantee continuous help, when necessary.

In the service locations of social services and health care, 15,000 professionals of the field serve the customers. Helsinki uses 2.1 billion euros a year on organising social services and health care.

The Social Services and Health Care Committee supervises and controls the operations of the Social Services and Health Care Division. Head of Sector is Juha Jolkkonen.

The sector is divided into three divisions and an administration.

Organisation of the Social Services and Health Care Division 1 of June 2017

The Family and Social Services Department manages the social and health care services intended for families with children, school and student health care, and the health guidance of young people not involved in schooling or work life.

The department also provides services for the disabled and adult social work services, grants social allowances, manages financial and debt counselling, provides support services for employment, and organises rehabilitative work activities and immigrant services.

Department Director Maarit Sulavuori, tel. 09 310 62401 and Administrative Secretary tel. 09 310 62402

The Hospital, Rehabilitation and Care Services Department manages home care, social and local work with the elderly, support for informal care, service centre operations, day activities and short-term care of the elderly, as well as assisted housing services with 24-hour assistance and the institutional care of the elderly and people with multiple illnesses.

The department also manages short-term, rehabilitative hospital treatment, outpatient clinic services for physiatry, geriatrics, neurology and rehabilitation, as well as physio, functional and speech therapy services and the rehabilitation of veterans.

Department Director Seija Meripaasi, tel. 09 310 52482 and Administrative Secretary tel. 09 310 42618

The Health and Substance Abuse Services Department manages the non-institutional treatment services of basic healthcare, the health guidance of adults at the health stations, outpatient clinic services for internal diseases, emergency duties and oral health care.

The division also provides mental health and substance abuse services for adults, as well as psychiatric specialist medical care services.

Department Director Leena Turpeinen, tel. 09 310 52481 and Administrative Secretary tel. 09 310 52690

The Administration manages the personnel, development, financial and information management services required by the sector.

Administration Director is Tiina Mäki, tel. 09 310 52483 and Administrative Secretary tel. 09 310 43591.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2017 (in Finnish, English summary p. 56)