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Participate and influence

The citizens can give feedback on the services of the Department of Social Services and Health Care through several channels. We compile together the feedback coming in through different channels. We also share the results on this page.

Feedback channels

You can give us feedback through the Internet pages. All feedback is handled and they are recorder in the feedback report.

Give feedback

Feedback we got in October-December 2018 (pdf)

Feedback we got in July-September 2018 (pdf)

Feedback we got in April-June 2018 (pdf)

The service locations have feedback boxes, where you can leave messages. All messages are read and utilised.

Many service locations also have quick feedback devices. You can press a smiley face that indicates what kind of service you received. We go through the reports weekly. On average, four out of five feedback givers have been satisfied or very satisfied with the service they have received.

Ombudsman operations

Ombudsmen give advice and guidance in, for example, matters related to the application of the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients and the rights of the social services’ customers:
Department of Social Services and Health Care’s ombudsmen

The annual reports of ombudsmen on their operations are handled by the City Board and they are also available online:

You can make a municipal initiative through the City of Helsinki Registry or the online service:

Customer surveys and juries

Customer surveys of all services were last made in the beginning of 2015. Family and Social Services division received a total grade of 8.26, Health and Substance Abuse Services had a grade of 8.52 and the Hospital, rehabilitation and inpatient care unit services a grade of 8.60.

The respondents were satisfied with the professional treatment and competent service. The possibility to participate in the planning and evaluation of one’s own service needed the most improvements.

If you would like to know more about the customer surveys, you can send a question through the feedback system.

We develop our services together with our customers, for example through customer juries. For example, the social service stations of Haaga and Myllypuro as well as substance abuse and psychiatric centres have these juries. In addition to this, also all the housing units of the Services for the Disabled have juries. Furthermore, nearly all service centres have customer juries selected through elections. The information and memos of customer juries are available here: 
Customer juries at service centres (in Finnish)

The issue 4/2015 of Helsingin henki staff newsletter had an article of the customer jury operations:
Palvelut asiakkaan näköisiksi (Services customised for the customers)

Social media