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Give feedback, ask questions or send suggestions, praise, criticism or other comments. Normally we’ll reply in five working days. If you give your permission, your message may be published on the City’s website.

You can send your message anonymously, but if you wish for a personal answer we must have your contact information.

Your feedback was not sent due to a technical error.

Please try again later.

Type of feedback

Give your contact information if you wish for a personal answer. If you allow to publish your feedback, only your name or pseudonym will be published.

The information security of this feedback form has not been verified. Therefore, it is not advisable to include for example social security numbers, bank account numbers or financial information. All delicate information, such as health and client-related information, should also be omitted.

The risk of delivery of an electronic message is borne by the sender (Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector 13/2003, section 8). If a deadline has been set for the delivery of a document, the sender shall be responsible for meeting that deadline (Administrative Procedure Act 434/2003, section 17).

Accordingly, no statutory reminders, complaints or demands for rectification of decisions are to be sent as feedback messages.

Register description of the City of Helsinki feedback system Information on giving feedback

In official matters, please contact the City of Helsinki Registry.

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