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Sibelius-lukio briefly in English

Sibelius-lukio in Helsinki’s historical Kruununhaka district is an upper secondary school specialising in music and dance. Granted this special task by the Ministry of Education, the school offers its students not only the regular academic subjects studied in all Finnish upper secondary schools but also a versatile selection of music and dance courses.

To graduate, students have to complete at least 75 courses and take the national matriculation exams, which give them eligibility for higher education. Sibelius-lukio also aims at allowing its students to develop as musicians or dancers and widen their artistic horizons. Genre barriers are knocked down in our concerts and various projects, where you can find a classical violinist climb on stage with a rock band and a hip hop dancer make the choreography for a modern dance work.

Sibelius-lukio offers its students an open-minded atmosphere to grow up in and opportunities to get experience in performing to various audiences as well as to network with like-minded people both inside and outside school.

The school has three different programmes: the music programme (108 new students each year), the dance programme (27) and the general programme (30). Students are admitted on the basis of auditions and the grade point average (GPA) of their higher comprehensive school certificates. In the general programme the admission is based solely on the applicants’ GPA.

There are altogether 530 students in Sibelius-lukio, and the school attracts talented young people from all over Finland from over 50 municipalities – maybe partly because of its strong community spirit where everyone is accepted as who they are.

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Mailing address
Liisankatu 13, 00170 Helsinki
PL 17304, 00099 City of Helsinki

Head teacher
Hannu Rantala
tel. +357 9 3108 6762, +358 40 664 7351

Assistant head teacher
Milla Rantanen
tel. +358 9 3101 5269, +358 40 776 2170 

Assistant head teacher
Jami Koponen
tel. +358 9 3103 6100, +358 40 637 5740

Assistant head teacher (music)
Päivi Nummela
tel. +358 9 310 72070, +358 40 334 9078

School secretary
Heidi Rissanen
tel. +358 9 310 86761

Student councellors
Matti Karhoja
puh. 09 3108 6765

Johanna Sydänmaa
puh. 09 3108 2066, 040 354 8580

Elina Laivoranta
puh. 09 3103 2434, 040 674 8037

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