Teaching arrangements in May 2020

Our students will continue to study at home until the end of this academic year. 

This means that also the exams arranged at the end of the term will in most cases be online exams.

In case there are other arrangements, the students involved will be informed.
Students will only be able to enter the school building when there is a teacher present - the building will not be open for everyone, and lunch is not served at school.
In matters relating to student welfare, contact student welfare staff directly.
Ressu Comprehensive School will also be using our premises this May.
Some courses can arrange excursions or trips outside the school.
In all activities, always bear in mind the general instructions on how to combat the coronavirus.

Ari Huovinen


Older news item:

Helsinki Upper Secondary schools are closed during 18.3.-13.5.2020
19.03.2020 10:15
To avoid spreading the coronavirus, Helsinki Upper Secondary schools are closed during 18.3.-13.5.2020
Studies continue at home as distance learning, with the teachers supporting the process online.

Please contact the staff primarily via Wilma or email
teaching staff firstname.surname@edu.hel.fi
other staff firstname.surname@hel.fi