Ressu - Norssi Kamppailupäivä Sports Day on Thursday 31.5.2018

Kamppailupäivä is our school tradition: a day when the two old city centre schools and worthy opponents, Norssi vs Ressu (=Ressun lukio upper secondary school and Ressu Comprehensive school) fight for ultimate domination during an action-packed sports day…

The action begins at Väinämöisen kenttä in Hietaniemi area and then moves north towards Soutustadion after 11:00 according to the following programme:

Ressu – Norssi Kamppailupäivä

You are welcome to compete and to cheer the competitors!


8:45 Kamppailupäivä opening + relay (lower secondary school)
9.00 Tug-of-war (lower and upper secondary school)
9.20 Football (girls, upper secondary)
9.20 Ultimate(girls, lower secondary)
9.20 Floorball, (boys,upper secondary)
10.00 Football (boys, lower secondary school)
10.45 Football (boys, upper secondary)

9:00-11:00 everyone can have a go at throwing darts.

LUNCH  10.30 – 12.00  in Väinämöisen kenttä

MESTARITALLIN KENTTÄ playing field – next to the Rowing Stadium (Soutustadion)
11.30 Basketball, (girls, lower and upper secondary school)
12.00 Basketball (boys, lower and upper secondary school)

12.45 Girls row (upper secondary)
13.15 Teachers row
13.45 Boys row (upper secondary)

Come and cheer all the competitors, support our Ressu teams!
Wear green for Ressu! (or yellow for Norssi...)