IB DP graduation festivities on Friday 28 August 2020 at 14:00 updated

Greetings from Ressun lukio,

May 2020 IB DP Graduation will be held in Ressun lukio at 14.00 on Friday 28.8.2020. The duration of the ceremony is approximately 1 hour. The graduating students come directly to Juhlasali Hall and they should be seated in their assigned seats by 13.45. Special attention is given to safe distances.

Unlike previously announced, there will not be any rehearsal before the ceremony.

Please, remember to bring your cap with you!

Because of COVID-19 restrictions and in order to avoid spreading the virus, the Graduation Ceremony is open only for the graduating students. Families are unfortunately not allowed inside the school building.

Since parents and other family members are not allowed inside the school building, the graduates can be congratulated and photographed after the ceremony by the statue of Lönnrot in Lönnrotin puistikko Park in front of the school building.

A r i H u o v i n e n