The IB entrance exam in Ressun lukio (23.4.2020) cancelled because of coronavirus pandemic

Because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions to avoid the spread of the virus, the entrance examination for the IB section in Ressun lukio on 23.4.2020 has been cancelled.

We currently have 333 applicants into our preparatory year in the Opintopolku system.

Admission procedure for the preparatory year in spring 2020:

1. applicants applying with a school-leaving report from a Finnish comprehensive school:

Student selection will be based only on the grade point average (GPA) of the theoretical subjects of the school-leaving report in Opintopolku – in Finnish: peruskoulun päättötodistuksen lukuaineiden keskiarvo.

2. applicants from schools abroad OR international schools (not comprehensive schools) in Finland.

Admitted students will be selected based on the application documents submitted (application form with present school’s references, latest school report).

We are very sorry for this change in the application procedures and any inconvenience it may cause.
The decision to cancel was made to avoid the possible spread of the virus in an examination situation with hundreds of applicants present, as well as to avoid exam attendance problems caused by the travel restrictions and illness.