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Deadlines in 2020-2021


Term  1 --

Term 2 ---

Term 3

  • CAS check: paperwork ready Thu December 10th
  • G4 project during term 3 exam week.
  • History IA Research question deadline in January
  • TOK: IA due in on the exam day (1 group)

Term 4

  • Math HL (Analysis) IA plan: 1st March
  • Biology IA research question deadline: 5th March
  • Economics IA research questions for articles 1–2: 12th March
  • Biology IA design deadline: 22nd March
  • Finnish B IA (Orals) deadline 15th March
  • Math HL (Analysis) IA design: 29th March
  • TOK: IA due in on the exam day (1 group)

Term 5

  • Math HL (Analysis) IA first draft: 3rd May
  • ESS IA draft deadline on 4th May
  • Economics IA, 10th May — 500 words written in articles 1–2, research question for third article
  • CAS check: all paperwork ready Wed May 12th
  • History IA draft for sections 1 and 2 14th May
  • Finnish Literature HL essay 1st draft before exam week (17.5.)
  • TOK: IA due in on the exam day (2 groups)


IB2 2020-2021

Term 1

  • Math HL (Analysis) IA final version: 21st August
  • Biology: IA draft deadline 24th Aug
  • ESS IA final deadline 4th September
  • History IA complete draft 11th September
  • Math SL (Analysis) IA draft on the 20th September.
  • Math SL (Applications) IA draft on the 20th September.
  • Psych IA draft due 2nd October

Term 2

  • Biology IA report deadline 7th Oct
  • English Language and Literature HL Essay final deadline before mid term
  • Finnish Literature HL essay final deadline before half-term.
  • Math SL (Analysis) IA final version on the 16th November.
  • Math SL (Applications) IA final version on the 16th November.
  • Psychology Final IA 30th October
  • Physics IA draft on Mon 9th November.
  • History IA final version Friday the 6th November.
  • CAS check: paperwork ready Thu December 10th

Term 3

  • Physics IA final version on Mon 7th December.
  • TOK essay final version 17th December (2 groups)
  • Chemistry IA draft on Mon 21th December.
  • Chemistry IA final version on Thu 28th January.
  • English Language and Literature IO (HL & SL) takes place during Term 3 exam week
  • Finnish Literature individual oral during term 3 exam week.

Term 4

  • French B (Individual orals) : March 5 / 12
  • TOK essay final 4.3. (1 group)
  • CAS deadline Tue April 6th


IB1 — 1st Diploma year 


Initial meetings with CAS advisor completed  


18-27 Sept: Exam Week 

15-26 Nov: Exam Week 

Introduction into Extended Essays starts 
CAS log books and reflections checked 

Extended Essay Day 1


24 Jan – 4 Feb: Exam Week Group 4 Project  

Biology, History and Math HL IAs start

March: Extended Essay Day 2 

23 March - 1 Apr: Exam Week 


  • TOK oral presentations  

  • Math SL and ESS IAs start

TOK oral presentations  

CAS log books and reflections checked 
26 May: EE Presentation Day  

14- 27 May: Exam Week 


IB2 — 2nd Diploma year 


  • 16 Aug: Math HL IA 

  • CAS advisor meetings completed 


  • 13 Sept: ESS IA

  • 23 Sept: Biology IA 

18-27 Sept: Exam Week 


  • Registration for May Examinations (c. 600e) 

  • CAS check        

  • 10 Oct: Final EE submitted 

  • 28 Oct: Psychology IA


8 Nov: History IA

15 Nov: Math SL & Math Studies IA


15-26 Nov: Exam Week 

10 Dec: English language & Literature Written tasks

CAS log books and reflections checked


17 Jan: Physics IA 

               24 Jan – 4 Feb Exam Week - Language A IOC

7 Feb: TOK essays
14 Feb: Chemistry IA


French B individual orals



CAS log books and reflections+ CAS evaluations with CAS advisor 

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