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Student Board

The representatives of Ressu student board ie Oppilaskunnan hallitus (OPKH) work actively for the welfare of the students. They represent all Ressu students when school-related decisions are made. Their goal is to make Ressu an even better study place for everybody.

The board organises all kinds of events during the year: Christmas and Spring festivities, Culture Week, Spring Barbecue Afternoon etc. The student board cooperates with Suomen Lukiolaisten Liitto (SLL), which is the national organisation for upper secondary school students in Finland, often sending a delegation to the big annual SLL meeting.

The Board works and spends time in the little office “Koppi” in the basement – the door is always open for every student. Working as a board member can be both useful and fun. However, every board member must remember it’s a responsible job: there’s work to be done.

If you want to join, come to the general meeting in the autumn. Every student can vote and be a candidate for the board. By taking part, you can make sure you will be represented by capable and well-qualified people.

FIBS (Finnish International Baccalaureate Society) is the name of the IB students’ union in Finland. The purpose of FIBS is to protect IB students’ rights, to unite Finnish IB students and to spread information about the IB in Finland.

Suomen lukiolaisten liitto

15.08.2021 09:15